SAT Grammar Prep

by Jake Chasan

About This App

In the last decade, the College Board expanded the SAT™ from the traditional reading comprehension and mathematics reasoning test to include grammar in "writing" sections. Within these sections, students are either asked to spot the error in a sentence or select the best phrase to replace the phrase in the question. We have identified 80 necessary grammar skills which, if mastered, are proven to increase SAT scores by 200 points.

Peer Review

In an attempt to make this app as accurate as possible, Mark Radley, an accomplished grammarian, was enlisted to peer review the content. Radley has taught English and writing at American independent schools since 1994. He currently instructs at The Bishop’s School, a college preparatory school in La Jolla, California where he teaches AP English Language and Composition and a variety of writing electives. Mark also edits Reflections, the school’s award winning literary magazine.