SAT Grammar Prep

by Jake Chasan

App Features

Command of grammar is essential for success on the SAT. This app is designed to help students learn the 80 essential grammar rules that are commonly utilized on the SAT and then quiz the student's knowledge of the rules.

Rules: A list of 80 grammar rules with several correct and incorrect examples of how the rule is applied in the structure of a sentence.
Level I: The grammar rule is listed at the top of the screen for easy reference. Below the rule, two simple sentences are displayed. The rule is applied in each sentence. Choose the sentence which utilizes the rule correctly.
Level II: These questions have complex sentences similar to the sentences on the SAT. They follow the format of the exam in which students replace a portion of the sentence with the best response.
Level III: These questions follow the format of the SAT in which students are asked to choose the underlined portion of sentence which uses incorrect grammar.
Notepad: A notepad is built into the quiz which allows students to keep track of the rules or questions which they find difficult for reference at a later date.

Rule Explanation

Game Settings